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Jining Xunda Pipe Coating Materials Company Ltd., located in China, is a manufacturer of high quality tape coatings for pipe and pipeline protection. We specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of a full range of anticorrosion and waterproof tape coatings that include our anticorrosion inner tape, anticorrosion outer tape, aluminum faced flashing sealing tape, and joint tape. We also offer other standard products such as our butyl tape, anticorrosion primer, and heat shrink sleeves. Our products feature easy application and long-term performance by stopping oxygen and water from permeating, thereby preventing corrosion. We offer other standard products, including our liquid adhesive, pipe coating, and heat shrink sleeves, as well as specialty and tailor-made products.

Xunda tape coatings are compatible with traditional as well as current corrosion coatings. With our large production base, advanced production equipment, and attention to quality control, we have been offering reliable and economically priced tape coating products since 1998. Our broad range of temperature and shear resistant products provide anti-corrosion solutions for oil, natural gas, chemical, and water pipelines. Xunda tape coatings such as anticorrosion inner wrap tape, anticorrosion outer wrap tape, and joint wrap tape can be used for both onshore and offshore applications in the construction industry as well as the oil, gas, and water industries.

At Xunda, we implement state of the art quality control for all our tape coating products. This begins with the acquisition of our raw materials. We purchase our fine quality raw materials, such as our butyl rubber and polyethylene, from trusted foreign companies as well as well-known domestic suppliers. Only those raw materials that have an original self-test report and a third-party test report are accepted by our incoming inspection team. Also, all of our manufacturing procedures are performed according to ISO standards using our four PE adhesive tape production lines, two PP adhesive tape production lines, two rubber refining units, and a frequency conversion cooling system. This precise production process helps to ensure a standardized production process and the consistent quality of our products.

Another way we ensure the high quality and attractive appearance of our anticorrosion inner wrap tape, anticorrosion outer wrap tape, joint wrap tape and other products is by providing continual training for all our employees. We employ 198 staff members, including 32 technicians, 28 sales staff members, 48 management staff members, and 90 production staff members. Through daily ISO management, group activities, and skill training activities, our excellent technicians are outstanding problem solvers and are able to “think outside the box”. In addition, each year we select certain outstanding staff members to participate in outside training so that they can advance their skills and broaden their knowledge in their fields.

In addition to providing high quality tape coatings, cost control is also a priority at Xunda, as we are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products at economical prices. Because we are a large manufacturer, we can purchase our raw materials in large quantities, thus reducing cost. We also strive to reach the maximum operational efficiency, further reducing costs as well.

Xunda is advantageously located in Jining City, in the hi-tech development zone, where we receive government support and free water and electricity. We are less than two kilometers from a complete highway system and are near Qingdao Port. This convenient location enables us to greatly reduce our shipping costs, and quickly and economically deliver our anticorrosion inner wrap tape, anticorrosion outer wrap tape, aluminum foil wrapping tape, and more to our customers. Because of our cost-effective measures, we are able to offer the best prices to our clients. As a result, our international sales include more than 60 countries and regions around the world, including Iran, UAE, Iraq, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Oman in the Middle East; India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand in Southeast Asia; Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil in South America; and Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan in Central Asia, etc.

Development History of Xunda
In 1999, we passed the ISO9001 certification.
In 2001, we were honored as the Top Ten Quality Enterprise in Shandong Province.
In 2002, Xunda was awarded the Technological Innovation-oriented Enterprise.
In 2003, we passed the ISO14001 certification.
In 2004, we were named the Provincial High-Tech Enterprise.
In 2005, we established the Engineering Research Center of Anticorrosion Communication Heat-shrinkable Products in Shandong Province.
In 2006, we were authorized by the Pipeline Company of CNPC with qualification certification and obtained the membership certificate of Sinopec Commerce Network.
In 2008, Xunda was certified by the DVGW for Type Test Report of the Corrosion Protection Coating System.
In 2009, we set up the Iran China Sepehr Tejarat Company (ICST) for mutual trade development in the energy and agricultural industries.
In 2010, Xunda attained the NIGC certificate authorized by Iran’s Oil Ministry.
In 2011, we were certified by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

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