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Our anticorrosion tape is mainly applied for steel pipe which is used for transporting fuel gas, water, petroleum or other chemical products. We take the pipe network of CNPC for example. If there is need for steel pipe, our anticorrosion tape is needed accordingly for anti corrosion and anti rust.

Our cold applied tape pipe coating system is generally divided into two kinds. One is composed of anticorrosion primer, black polyethylene tape which is called inner tape or inner-layer tape in generic term and white polyethylene tape which is called outer tape or outer-layer tape in generic term. In some countries, the inner tape needs to be double side coated with three layers. So, we develop the new T400 series of inner tape to meet the special needs. In addition, a kind of polyethylene tape with comparatively large thickness is employed for the steel pipe welding seam. This type of tape is called joint tape. We have the product of 300 series. The other pipe coating system consists of anticorrosion primer plus polyethylene integrated tape which is actually the 600 series of polyethylene bitumen tape.

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