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Heat Shrink Sleeves for Pipeline Corrosion Protection

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Heat Shrink Sleeves

The heat shrink sleeve has the two-piece structure. Together with the primer, the three-layer coating system is formed. The inner layer is two-component epoxy primer which is coated onto the steel pipe. The intermediate layer is the special hot melt adhesive. The outer layer is the modified radiation cross linked polyethylene film backing. The product is designed specially for corrosion protection for girth-weld joints of buried or exposed steel pipelines. It is widely applied and operated easily.

Technical Parameters

Adhesive Test Standard Unit GTS-65
Softening Point ASTM E28 ℃ (℉) 95 (203)
Shearing Strength at the Temperature of 23℃ EN12068 N/cm² 245
Shearing Strength at the Temperature of 50℃ EN12068 N/cm² 8
Backing Specific Gravity ASTM D792 0.93
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 MPa (psl) 24(3480)
Elongation ASTM D638 % 600
Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore D 50
Abrasion Resistance ASTM D 1044 mg 35
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm·cm 1017
Dielectric Strength ASTM D149 kV/mm 27
Sleeves Impact Resistance EN12068 J >15
Indentation EN12068 mm 0.65
Peel Strength ASTM D1000 N/cm 120
Peel Strength EN12068 N/cm >100
Cathodic Disbondment Strength ASTM G8 mm rad 3
Water Absorption ASTM D 570 % 0.05
Low Temperature ASTM D2671-C ℃ (℉) >-32(-26)
Backing Thickness mm(mil) 1.5(60)
Fully Recovered L Thickness mm(mil) 1.5 (60)

1. The heat shrink sleeve is produced with a separate closure. The open type design allows the product to be applied after the pipeline is welded and cleaned.
2. The product can provide great sealing effect and long term corrosion protection for pipeline for its superior resistance to cathodic disbondment as a result of the high performance adhesive.
3. Due to the cross-linked film backing, the product has excellent durability against abrasion as well as mechanical and chemical attack.
4. The preheating temperature for the product is low to 50℃ and the maximum operating temperature is up to 80℃.
5. The product with bulk roll can be cut instantly in length to fit the pipe with different size.

Specification Explanation
We take the model of XHWS 289 /505/ Ø 60 for example.
XHWS--Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Sleeves
289------Roll Length
505----- -Roll Width (as supplied)
Ø 60-----Diameter of Joint or Pipeline

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