Aluminum Faced Flashing Sealing Tape

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Aluminum Faced Flashing Sealing Tape

The T700 series of aluminum faced flashing sealing tape is composed of three layers. One is the adhesive layer which is the flexible modified bitumen adhesive compound. The second layer is the aluminum foil film backing. The third layer of the product is the anti adhesive release liner treated with silicone. The product is often recommended to solve the problems of most types of roofs, windows and flashings involving trailer, recreational vehicle, mobile home, industrial building, roof awning, truck trailer, roof to wall flashing, chimney flashing, ridge flashing, window frame of glass, metal and plastic, wood including oriented strand board, clay and cement roof tile, etc.

Product Data Sheet

Total Thickness30mil, 40mil, 60mil
Width50, 75, 100, 150, 225, 300, 1000mm
AdhesiveRubberized Asphalt
Application Temperature5-50℃
Temperature Resistance-50℃-80℃
Manufacturer Warranty10 years
Shelf Life12 months

The aluminum faced flashing sealing tape has no messy sealant. Due to the moldable aluminum backing, the product can conform better to the irregular surface for weather-tight sealing. Designed with ideal adhesive thickness, it has superior adhesion. With aggressive grip available, the product can be applied easily and flexibly to get immediate leak proof effect. It doesn’t contain harmful volatile organic compound.

Application Suggestions
1. The surfaces to be sealed should be kept clean, dry and free of loose rust, scale, dust, talc and dirt.
2. If there is oil, grease, silicone or other contaminations, users should clear them away with the proper solvent or cleaner.
3. The stiff brush is recommended for removing all the loose granules and surface elements from the aging roofs.
4. If the surface is porous, it should be primed firstly with the common asphalt based primer. The aluminum faced flashing sealing tape can be applied only when the primer is dry.
5. The plastic release liner of the product should be peeled away gradually when the product is attached to the surface.
6. To prevent the bubbles under the product, users can squeeze out the air when sticking the product to the surface.
7. For the overlap seam or sealing, the product with the width of 3 inches is applicable.

Aluminum tape
1. Around the window(indoor side)
2. Aluminum tape
3. Sash
4. Aluminum tape
5. Aluminum tape
6. Damp-proof sheet
1. Flanged Windows
2. Sill
3. Exterior Doors
4. Confined Rake Edge
5. Rake Edge
6. Eave
7. Skylight
8. Low Slope Area
9. Chimney
10. Valley
11. Eave
12. Ridge
13. Hip
14. Dormer
15. Corners
Flanged Window
Flashing Installation after
Weather-Resistive Barrier
Flanged Window
Flashing Installation before
Weather-Resistive Barrier
Option1-Low Exposure
Flanged Window
Flashing Installation before
Weather-Resistive Barrier
Option3-Severe Exposure
Half Round Window
Option1-Low to Moderate
Gutter and Chimney
Exterior Sliding Door with Deck
Outside Corner
Inside Corner

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