Anticorrosion Primer

Anticorrosion Primer for Steel Pipe Protective Coating

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Anticorrosion Primer

The anticorrosion primer consists of butyl rubber, synthetic compound and gasoline solvent. The product is the heavy duty adhesive. It is conformable to irregular pipe and compatible with general coating system. The anticorrosion paint can dry quickly. Its function is to be used as the bonding medium between the steel pipe surface and the inner layer tape.

The anticorrosion primer is recommended to be applied in our pipe coating system. By hand brush or with a spraying machine, it is often used for the appropriately prepared pipe surface before the application of anticorrosion tape. The usage amount of the product for hand or machine operation is 0.2L or 0.1L respectively for per square meter of the pipe surface.

Physical Properties Parameters

Solid Content %1927
Density kg/L0.770.87
Viscosity (by testing the out flow time at the temperature of 23℃ with 4mm nozzle)sec40±540±5
Flash Point -12 (10℉)12
Drying Time min5-105-10
Color BlackBlack
Application Temperature5 to 505 to 50
Max. Service Temperature-40 to 80-40 to 80
Package 15/20/200L per drum

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