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Polyethylene Bitumen Tape

The T600 series of cold applied polyethylene bitumen tape is mainly used for water tightness and corrosion protection for underground or overhead pipelines used for transportation of oil, gas, petroleum and waste water. It is applied after the primer.

Physical Properties Parameters

Physical PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
Total Thickness ASTM D 100060.0 mil1.50 mm
Width -2-32 inches50-800 mm
Length -33-200 feet10 -60 m
Backing Color -Black, Yellow or others
Tensile Strength ASTM D 100050 lbs/inch90 N/cm
Peel Adhesion to Steel Pipe Sprayed with PrimerASTM D 1000320 oz/inch35 N/cm
Cathodic Disbondment StrengthASTM G80.25 in radius 6.4 mm
Dielectric Strength ASTM D 14943 kV
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 2572.5×10¹² ohm·cm
Water Absorption ASTM D 5700.1 %
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (24h)ASTM F12490.01g/100sq inch/24h0.1g/100sq mm/24h
UV Resistance Excellent
Application Temperature Range 23℉-140℉-5℃-60℃
Max. Service Temperature -4℉-176℉- 20℃-80℃

The whole PE bitumen tape consists of three parts involving adhesive layer, film backing and release liner. The adhesive is the butyl rubber bituminous compound and adhesion promoting resins. The film backing is the specially blended stabilized polyolefin. The release liner is anti adhesive and treated with silicone.

The polyethylene bitumen tape is resistant to UV. It can be wrapped onto the steel pipe only by hand or with a wrapping machine easily. With heavy duty bitumen compound adhesive available, the product is excellent in adhesion to steel pipe and itself. For its flexibility, it can provide extra protection for vulnerable areas. The product also shows great superiority in excellent conformability, consistent uniform thickness, good resistance to cathodic disbondment, wide applicable temperature range and compatibility with common pipe coating.

Introduction of Epoxy Coal Bitumen Cold Wrapping Tape

The epoxy coal bitumen cold wrapping tape is comprised of base tape and setting adhesive.

The base tape is produced by using the polypropylene non-woven mat to dip the epoxy coal bitumen backing adhesive and then processed through cutting, rolling and deoiling. According to the thickness, it can be divided into the GH401 strengthening type (0.4mm), GH402 special strengthening type (0.6mm) and GH403 thickened type (0.8mm). The standard width of the base tape is 125mm and 250mm. We can also cut the base tape with the needed width according to the special requirements of customers.

The setting adhesive is composed of A and B components. In accordance with the applicable temperature, it can be divided into the ambient temperature type used when the temperature is greater than 5℃ and the low temperature type fit for the temperature less than 5℃. According to heat tolerance, the setting adhesive has the standard type and heat resistant type. The standard type is marked with J and used when the medium temperature is less than 100℃. The heat resistant type is marked with W and can be used when the medium temperature is 150℃.

The epoxy coal bitumen cold wrapping tape is provided with the base tape and setting adhesive together. During the construction, the A component and B component are mixed with equal amount. The construction process is to wrap the setting adhesive, base tape and setting adhesive in sequence. Through naturally curing, the epoxy coal bitumen anticorrosion coating is formed.

We are a China-based polyethylene bitumen tape manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from anticorrosion tape, we also offer anticorrosion primer, waterproof tape, heat shrink sleeves, and more.

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