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Double Coated 3-Layer Butyl Pipe Tape

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Butyl Tape

The T400 series of butyl tape is applied after the liquid adhesive and before the outer-layer tape by hand or with a wrapping machine. It can also be used as the inner-layer tape. The product is the three-ply anticorrosion material with its internal and external adhesive layers of both butyl rubber as well as the carrier film of specially blended stabilized polyolefin. The release liner treated with silicone is available for protecting the product. The product is cold applied for corrosion protection for the underground or overhead pipelines which are used for transporting oil, gas, petroleum and waste water.

The double coated 3-layer butyl pipe tape has excellent bonding capability between adhesive and carrier film via co-extruded intermediate layer. The product performs remarkably in resistance to adhesion, shear, corrosion disbondment, water vapor, oxidation, soil bacterial and soil electrolyte. It has high mechanical property, electrical resistance, dielectric strength and corrosion protection ability for steel substrates. Meanwhile, the product is compatible with the coating of PE, PP, FBE, PU, CTE, bitumen and others.

Physical Properties Parameters

Physical PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
English UnitMetric Unit
Film Backing Color--Black(Grey/Green)
Internal Adhesive Layer ColorBlack
External Adhesive Layer ColorBlack
Thickness of Carrier film ASTM D 100012.0 mil0.30mm
Thickness of Internal Adhesive Layer 13.6 mil0.34 mm
Thickness of External Adhesive Layer6.4 mil0.16 mm
Total Thickness 32.0 mil0.80 mm
Tensile Strength ASTMD100070 lbs/inch120 N/cm
Elongation at Break ASTMD1000650%
Peel Adhesion to Steel Pipe Sprayed with Primer at the Temperature of 23℃ and 50℃ EN 12068274.5 oz/inch30 N/cm
Annex C137.1 oz/inch15 N/cm
Peel Adhesion of the Butyl Tape Itself at the Temperature of 23℃ and 50℃EN 12068228 oz/inch25 N/cm
Annex B32 oz/inch3.5 N/cm
Dielectric Strength ASTMD14940 kV
Insulation ResistanceEN 12068108 ohm·m²
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (24h)ASTM E 960.01g/100sq inch/24h0.1g/100sq mm/24h
Brittleness TemperatureDIN53372-51±39℉-46±4℃
Water Absorption ASTM D 5700.1%
Impact Resistance at the Temperature of 23℃EN 1206815 J
Cathodic Disbondment Strength at the Temperature of 23℃ and 50℃EN 1206815 mm
30 mm
Lap Shear Strength at the Temperature of 50℃EN 120680.05 N/mm2

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