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Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape mainly consists of polyethylene film backing and the adhesive layer whose main component is butyl rubber. It is produced through extruding the composite anticorrosion materials. The adhesive layer is attached to the polyethylene film backing through thermal compounding. The anticorrosion system is comprised of primer, anticorrosion adhesive tape (inner tape) and protective tape (outer tape) or only primer and anticorrosion adhesive tape.

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape is also called pipe anticorrosion adhesive tape, pipe anticorrosion tape, polyethylene cold wrapping tape, composite polyethylene anticorrosion adhesive tape, etc. Featuring excellent insulativity, good anticorrosion effect, high mechanical strength, small water absorption, long service lifetime, good resistance to impact and ageing, the product can be used in the construction conveniently with safety and no pollution. It is widely applied in many areas with high efficiency.

The polyethylene anticorrosion tape is mainly used for outer surface anti corrosion of the steel pipeline which is buried under the ground for petroleum transportation. It has been used as the external anticorrosion material for oil and gas steel pipeline for more than 40 years since 1960s. The merits of excellent property and convenient construction allow the product to play a very important role in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. With the continuous improvement in specification and quality of the product, the application range of the product is expanded largely and constantly.

As a specialized polyethylene anticorrosion tape manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides polyethylene bitumen tape, aluminum faced flashing sealing tape, heat shrink sleeves, and anticorrosion primer, among others.

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