Joint Tape

Pipe Joint Wrap Tape

Backing: Polyethylene Basic Material
Adhesive: Butyl-Rubber Basic Adhesive

The T300 series of joint tape consists of adhesive layer and film backing. The main component of the adhesive is butyl rubber. The film backing is the specially blended stabilized polyethylene. The cold applied product meets the ASTMD 1000 standard. It is often employed for anti corrosion of field joints, fittings and specially the piping. The product contains heavy duty adhesive. Coupled with the low and high density polyethylene backing, the adhesive is the key factor in ground performance characteristic.

Physical Properties Parameters

Physical PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
English UnitMetric Unit
Total Thickness ASTM D 100040.0 mil1.00 mm
Backing Thickness ASTM D 100014.0 mil0.35 mm
Adhesive Layer ThicknessASTM D 100026.0 mil0.65 mm
Width -2- 32 inches50-800 mm
Length -100-800 feet30 -240 m
Backing Color -Black, Yellow, Gray or others
Tensile Strength ASTM D 100045 lbs/inch80 N/ cm
Elongation ASTM D 1000450 %
Peel Adhesion to Steel Pipe with PrimerASTM D 1000339 oz/inch37 N/cm
Cathodic Disbondment StrengthASTM G80.25 in radius 6.4 mm
Dielectric Strength ASTM D 14942 kV
Volume Resistivity ASTM D 2572.5×10¹² ohm·cm
Water AbsorptionASTM D 5700.1%
Water Vapor Transmission Rate (24h)ASTM F12490.01g/100sq inch/24h0.1g/100sq mm/24h
Application Temperature 14℉-140℉-10℃- 60℃
Max. Service Temperature-40℉-176℉- 40℃ - 80℃

The pipe joint wrapping tape can be used over a wide temperature range. With no need for special equipment, it can be applied by hand or with a wrapping machine easily. Resistant to UV, the product is conformable to irregular shape and has consistent uniform thickness.

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